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 iTunes DC University Special Features

 for Justice League

Client: iTunes

Producers: Abby Lance, Sara O'Reilly

Other Artists: Heather Cardone, Vu Trinh

Software: Photoshop, After Effects, Mocha, Traditional Media

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Lead Designer, Animation, Compositing

This project is a series of six videos that were created as exclusive extra features for customers buying JUSTICE LEAGUE on iTunes. iTunes was very specific about keeping as much of the video as practical as possible. The first part of the process was to create the title pages and various other pages to be used (i.e. ID pages, lower thirds, etc.) digitally while thinking about what textures could be used to represent practical elements we could use. Once designed I created a different background for each character using various acrylic paint techniques and other artists, producers and myself gathered whatever materials we needed to create elements to film and animate.

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